Gregory Brightstar


Gregory Bright-star is the son of a relationship between a shepherd and dragon-born myrmidon from the plains of Caldenost. He was one of the greatest scouts in the Caldenian army, going any and everywhere for the greatness of Caldenost. But eventually he grew tired of the corruption that began to spring up within the military and chose to leave after his term expired. He know adventures around, trying to find his mother and learn more about his heritage. He is an expert with a blade, learning from his mother the art of the sword.

His mother left the family after a few years and Gregory made it his goal to master the sword and use it for good, as his father taught him. He joined the Caldenian Military and served honorably for eight years before leaving to search for his mother.

In the interim between searching, he educates new adventurers on the basics of adventuring so that there are less corpses along the roadsides.

He has a vile hatred of the Mordanten military and the countrymen in general due to their horrid treatment of non-natives, the southern Zendites, and the Caldenian military during the “Peace period” after the ward of Seven Heads. During this period, the Mordanten military has captured and executed many Caldenian soldiers, some of which were his friends.

Gregory Brightstar

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