Caldenost is a monarchy, led by King Eisendrachen. He is a good king, and quite competent but hasnt seen war in many years, not since he last fought the war of seven heads. The war of seven heads involved the world uniting to strike at Sekai ītā, the world eater. The army of cultists that worshiped Sekai ītā fought back and the combat was long and bloody, but eventually Sekai ītā was slain and buried in the Sekai no ana, the hole of the world.

The great mouth (largest river in caldenost (caldenia is capitol of caldenost))
Snakewing river (eastern river within caldenost, known for rumors of coatl sightings)
Dragon’s Mire (frozen swamp to the deep north that lies in the shadow of the dragon’s bones, the largest mountain range in the country. The mire spawns many different rivers, most of which are neither notable or sizable)

The largest religion in Caldenost is Ilmater, the god of endurance, perseverance, and suffering.

Caldenost has the most powerful mages in the northern hemisphere, which would be great if not for the fact that they know very little about magic in general. They receive old scrolls from strange men traveling from Moonrise, who got their trades from the magocracy in the south-eastern Sea of serpents. They truly are the most powerful and the most ignorant of any and all mages. But they are of noble heart and mind and seek the betterment of Caldenost above all.

Caldenost is rich in lumber, fish, and base metals due to the heavy woodlands and mountains within the region. They export metal goods such as weapons and armor and import luxury goods as well as land based foods such as venison and other such meats.


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