Religions of Zendites

Chauntea, goddess of agriculture – her main worshippers occupy the land just south of yigs servent, where the yig’s tongue runs leaving the land most fertile.

Lliira, Goddess of Joy – has worshippers everywhere due to her nature

Tempus, God war and Torm, God of courage/self-sacrifice – Occupies half the woodland nearest to the calm lands to repel the mordanten military, who’ve been attacking them since they took residence in the north.

Tyr, God of justice and war – Occupies the other half of the woodland near the calm lands. Also has worshippers in the main villages to serve as judges and mediators for disputes

Savras, God of divination and fate – main worshippers reside in the villages to advise on what decisions to make.

The remaining Zendites worship Malar, God of the Hunt, and Lathander, God of birth and renewal.

Religions of Zendites

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